Home Décor to Buy from the #1 Furniture Store in Melbourne

Your home is an embodiment of who you are! From wall accents to your choice of furniture, everything that makes your house a home reflects a part of your personality! So, why settle for drab and dreary when your home can look like an aesthetic haven with furniture and home decors that speak to you! If you’re looking to buy online furniture in Melbourne, these 5 masterpieces should make it to the top of your home décor list!

The Lumiere

Who said your dining space can’t ooze elegance and still tick all your functionality boxes, right? Just take a look at our marvellous Lumiere table set! Accentuated by smooth glossed finishes, this round table with dark accents would fit your contemporary home like a puzzle piece.

The Colin

Mood lighting is everything, and it doesn’t have to be romantic all the time! Walking into your home and being welcomed by the right ambience is truly a bliss people look forward to. When we are talking modern homes and chic furniture, nothing fits your room better than our very own Colin- a contemporary hanging light for days when you all you want to do is recline and relax.

The Romano

Your drawing room is an impression-maker to anyone and every one your home welcomes. Sometimes, a classic couch and a comfy armchair are just not enough! For days when evening chatter and cups of coffee with friends and family gets the better of you, welcome our Romano designer coffee table home and keep your guests gushing with awe!

The Clara/Morgan

When mix and match get the better of you and elegance tops the priority list, subtle addition to your drawing room furniture setting may liven up both you and your modern home! We are talking about none other than our regal Clara/Morgan designer armchair in pristine white and matte gold.

Modern Décor

No contemporary home is complete without a touch of abstract artwork and to augment the elegance in your home further, we present to you this eclectic couple in monochrome that comes in varying colour and styles! Add a dash of abstract to your living room décor with this masterpiece.

Like what you see? Our furniture store in Melbourne has more waiting for you. From elegant designer dining collections to armchairs, coffee tables, side tables, decorative indoor lighting, and more- you can find the best of contemporary home collection from our eccentric store online.

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