Beautify Your Contemporary Home with Designer Dining Tables from Melbourne

Every furniture, accessory piece, wall decor, and accent in your modern home has a crucial part to play in the ambience of the room. From reliable sunlight flooding in through your victorian windows to the abstract wall accents lighting the mood of the room- contemporary homes are a blend of aesthetics and functionality. Now to keep your furniture and room aesthetics in harmony, we need to hand-pick the right accessories that otherwise go unnoticed. We are talking about something as simple as dining tables that are, though underrated, the real underdog of interior decor.

So, if you’re willing to look past sofa sets and matching coffee tables, here’s a quick look at some designer dining tables inspirations from Melbourne that you can use to accentuate the elegant vibes of your modern home.

Crazy Legs

Straight legs are so mainstream these days. Instead of going for the same old design, you can give out Louis collection a go. We are talking some quirky abstract table legs paired in with a sleek, clean top.

Marble Tops

Who said dining tables couldn’t be elegant and fun at the same time! Replace the regular wooden dining table for a beautiful marble top table that oozes elegance, no matter where you put it in the house.

Color Fusion

Contemporary homes crave for fun additions, and if wooden tables are your go-to, we can add quirky mix and matches to your regular wooden table and transform the look and feel of it completely. We are talking light teakwood with chestnut browns!

Work the side magic

Don’t underestimate the relevance of side tables. They are the real players when it comes to accentuating interior decors. We say go bold with your side tables and replace the classic glass top with a tree stump styled side table. Tree stump side tables from Melbourne look fascinating, especially if you’re planning on outdoor seating arrangement.

Like these dining table inspirations? Want to expand your dream furniture collection with us? Visit our online website and browse through our selection today.

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